The average person washes approximately $3,000 of clothing every single week. To protect your investment and keep your clothes looking like new, it’s important to buy the washer and dryer pair that’s right for your family.

Top-Load Laundry Pairs

The basic automatic top-load washing machine started it all after World War II and millions of Americans still rely on this laundry mainstay. Available in a variety of models, styles, price ranges and features, top-load washers are known for their reliability, high capacity and speed. Generally, top-loading washing machines are less expensive to purchase than front-loading washers, but are slightly more costly to run because they use more water and electricity.

Front-Load Laundry Pairs

Front-loaders clean by tumbling rather than agitation, so they’re usually gentler on fabrics than conventional top-load washing machines. The tub doesn’t need to fill completely with water as it does on top-loading washers, so front-loaders use less water and energy per load. Since they often have a faster spin speed, most front-loading washers remove more water from clothing, which reduces drying time. Generally, front-load washing machines are more expensive to purchase, but because they’re more energy efficient, front-loaders are almost always less costly to run.

Appliance Colors

The laundry room doesn’t have to be a boring white box. Color is a great way to infuse your chores with excitement and energy while adding some personal style to the laundry room. Today, laundry appliances come in more color options than ever–from white with blue metallic to sleek black and silver.