Ready for that first day of school? It’s coming soon! We want to help you get an A+ in the kitchen with some tips and tricks.

To help ease the morning lunch and snack packing rush, below are the ABC’s of refrigerator organization from the experts at Whirlpool brand.

  1. Get Rid of Lingering Leftovers.  Just like you clean out your closets and backpacks for new clothes and school supplies, start fresh by clearing the refrigerator. Use the three “E” rules as your guidelines – if it’s expired, empty or makes you say “ew,” toss it.
  2. Nobody Likes A Smelly Locker. Your fridge needs to be cleaned too! Take everything out of the refrigerator to get started and then wash drawers, bins, and compartments with soap and water.
  3. One of These is Not like the Other.  Now use your sorting skills to group similar items together, such as proteins or dairy, and begin returning items to the refrigerator.

Happy learning!