It’s a sign of summer, a staple for any backyard barbeque but with all the great food comes a big, hard to clean mess. High heat and greasy food can make keeping your grill clean nearly impossible.

Here are some helpful tips from our cooking expert Anna Carl to keep the greasy mess to a minimum.

At the start of the season, it’s important to give your grill a check to make sure all of the parts are in working order and were not damaged during the winter months. Start by first disconnecting the gas or power connections. A simple mixture of grease-cutting dish detergent and water will help clean any internal parts that maybe clogged with grease or grime. Using a soft sponge or cloth wipe down all the components. A small bristle brush is helpful for small spaces and holes that maybe clogged with grease or outdoor pests. Allow all the parts to air dry before putting everything back together.

After you’ve given your grill a good inspection and cleaning, it’s important to check to see if anything needs to be replaced or refilled before that first party. Check your gas level, or charcoal supplies, install fresh batteries in your ignitor and change any light bulbs that you may have,

Don’t forget to check and clean the grease trap. These can be cleaned with a mixture of dish detergent and water. To prevent future messes, try lining the trap with heavy-duty aluminum foil or purchase foil liners.

To clean baked on and messy grates, set your grill to high for 10 to 15 minutes. Turn off heat and use a brass bristled brush to clean the grate surfaces. Heat is one of the most helpful tools to getting and keeping your grill clean. If you have cast iron or wire grates, try lightly coating the grates with oil to prevent rusting.

When cleaning a stainless steel grill, make sure to avoid abrasive cleaners, steel wool or chlorine-based cleaners. These products can damage stainless steel parts. Vinegar on a soft, clean cloth can remove any hard water stains. Always clean and dry stainless steel in the same direction of the grain.

One of the biggest ways to keep your grill clean is by preventing a mess before it happens. Here are a few simple tricks:

  • Add a grill mat underneath your grill to protect your patio from greasy splatters.
  • Use lean cuts of meat or trim excess fat before grilling to prevent flare ups.
  • Lightly coat your grates with a high-heat tolerant cooking spray to prevent sticking.
  • Use stainless steel grilling accessories that can keep sticky messes off of your grill grates and can easily be tossed into the dishwasher or use disposable aluminum pans that can easily be tossed after use.


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