As the temperature consistently hovers below freezing, it is your wool sweaters that will become the favorite choice in the clothing rotation. However, too many consumers still view wool as a material that requires frequent dry cleaning, and one that is ruined from a simple stain and vulnerable to stretching.

Fortunately, wool is a maintainable fiber, and now washable. With proper care this season, consumers can keep their wool in tip-top shape for the cold days ahead, and it will be ready to handle winters for years to come. Consult the following tips for washable wool.

Cleaning & Drying

Prevent bulging or sagging by emptying the pockets after every wear. Treat small stains by rinsing them with cold water or seltzer, then blot dry with a clean cloth. Follow the care label for cleaning instructions, but if labeled “hand wash,” use your washer’s hand wash or wool cycle with cool water. Dry cleaning once a season is usually sufficient to keep wool garments in good shape. Dry on a flat surface away from direct heat or sunlight. To remove excess water after washing, gently roll in a towel.

Ironing & Travel

Use the wool or steam setting on a warm iron. When traveling with wool garments, loosely roll or fold with tissue paper to keep the fabric’s shape and avoid wrinkles. Major wrinkles smooth out when hung in a steamy bathroom.