Just what does Labor Day mean? For many of us, it’s all about taking that last summer vacation.  For some, it’s the unofficial end to summer. Others, a long weekend or the start of football season.

Many of us have Labor Day off of work and that means picnics and parties with friends and family. At IHS, we are fortunate to normally have a four day weekend, so here’s how we are planning to spend our time.

3 Days Before: Clean outdoor planters. Those annuals are really looking bad right now. We’ll probably keep a couple of them out and fill with fall mums.

2 Days Before: Put away beach chairs and mats, wash up gardening tools and move the rake to an easily accessible place. We should probably get my leaf collection bags ready too.

1 Day Before: Roll out Modular GearBoxes and use our blowers to clean up the dirt and cobwebs that have collected over the summer. A quick damp mop over the tile floor and light dusting of the cabinets will have the garage ready for Labor Day.

Labor Day: Host neighborhood picnic. We plan to set up tables in the garage to hold the large number of people we’re expecting. It won’t be the first time. Let’s just say our garages has become favorite party spaces. There’s plenty of room out there and it’s clean and organized.

Our workbenches will double as buffet tables, Modular GearBoxes will become a mobile bar and our Garage Refrigerators will hold food and drinks until they are needed. We even have our cabinets full of paper plates, napkins, plastic silverware and cups so the space is really self-contained and ready to go.

Think about how you’ll prepare for your Labor Day festivities. The garage is a great place for a party when it’s tidy.