Garages can get grimy and cluttered  in no time. Is it time to clean and organize? Keep these six tips in mind.

1. Pick your day. Nothing’s worse than working in bad weather. Schedule your garage organization for a day with a positive forecast.

2. Dress for success. Protect yourself from sharp and rusty objects with proper clothing: shoes (not sandals), long sleeves, and pants (not shorts). Dress comfortably so you’ll have freedom of movement to lift and reach.

3. Give yourself time. The amount of stuff you have, the number of helpers, and your decision-making ability are big factors in determining how much time this garage organization project will take. Always give yourself more time than you think you’ll need.

4. Keep the energy level high. Organizing and cleaning the garage doesn’t have to be a chore. Play music, get the family involved, and enjoy the process.

5. Empty it out. The only way to really know what lurks in your garage is to remove 100% of all the items inside. Yes, everything. This forces you to make a storage decision on every item.

6. Keep or toss. As you clean, sort everything into piles to keep, donate or sell, and toss. Be realistic about what you really use and what you don’t. Don’t forget to look inside each and every box.

  • Keep: Items you’ll move back into the garage and store.
  • Donate or sell: Items that can be donated to friends, via online donation sites or to community charities, or sold at a garage sale or via an online resource.
  • Toss: Items you simply don’t use or have been saving for years to fix but never have the time.

Good luck! It’s a hefty job to clean a disorganized garage, but with our tips and some determination, you’ll be fine.